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The prayer group at Pentecost Church are committed to praying for any prayer needs that people may send in throughout the week. If you have a prayer need you can notify the prayer group of your request and if you wish it will be circulated to the team. Your prayer needs will remain confidential within the prayer team.

pentecost children ministry


Our Children’s Ministry at Pentecost Church includes two children’s programs run during the school term. These programs cater for various age groups ensuring we best serve and teach the children every Sunday. The children learn the same bible story or subject in each program, but it is modified to suit their specific age group.

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We want the great news and love of Jesus Christ to have an impact in youth today.

young adults ministry

Young Adults

The young adults at Pentecost Church are passionate followers of Jesus Christ. They attend our Sunday services and are frequently found out to lunch together on a Sunday. They also have a young adults home group, which is a great opportunity for young adults to connect and grow in God.

mens ministry pentecost


We want to support men in experiencing fullness of life. You may be experiencing mountains of pressures, but we believe God can meet you where you are at and make a world of difference. We believe God has more in store than what this world offers men.

pentecost women ministry


We have a wonderful women’s ministry at Pentecost Church, which frequently holds outings to various cafes and restaurants. We also have various ministry times with dynamic guest speakers. Outreach and blessing our local community is also a very important part of our ministry, holding times as a group where we can give back to the community.

pentecost music

Music and Arts

Pentecost Church’s Elev8 team comprises of musicians, singers and artists. Elev8 leads the church in praise & worship every week at our various services. The team creates an incredible atmosphere for the entire congregation to worship God in any way they choose. They also allow for opportunities for people to encounter the Holy Spirit.

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Local Support

Pentecost Church has a desire to be an influence in the community by being known for God. We serve our local community by sharing the knowledge of our loving Savior Jesus Christ.

overseas outreach pentecost

Overseas Support

Pentecost Church supports feeding programs, missionaries, orphanages, building projects, bible translation and much more. We support and send missionaries to South Africa, Cambodia, India, Thailand, and more.