About Us

Pentecost Church is a contemporary Christian Church in Doncaster, Melbourne.

Matthew Law is the Senior Pastor of Pentecost Church. Together with his wife, Sarah, they lead with a God given vision; “Pentecost Church – life changing throught the Holy Spirit”. A church that is life changing for individuals, families, the local community, and this nation. A church that prioritizes evangelism, discipleship and fellowship. A church that will play a significant role in the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit. Ps. Matthew and Sarah have partnered with many great people and Not-For-Profit organizations to work towards this vision, and they look forward to partnering with you too.

Our Sunday services include worship, offering, a message, communion and tea and coffee following.

It is sometimes not easy to visit a new church for the first time, so we want to be as helpful as we can to make your experience a memorable one.

If you are planning a visit please contact us by clicking here.

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Church Vision

“Life Changing Through The Holy Spirit.”

Church Values

“Loving God and one another as we grow in Him and reach those in need.”

Australian Christian Churches

Our beliefs are aligned with the Australian Christian Churches statement of beliefs. This can be read by clicking here.

New Christians / Want to Know More?

Our Pastors would love to connect with you. You can contact us by clicking here.


Ps. Matthew Law

Ps. Matthew Law

Senior Pastor

Ps. Matthew has a passion to champion God, by living for the cause of Christ, and bringing God’s good news to a world that sorely needs it. His mission is to empower people, by assisting them to know and live out their potential and the fullness of God’s good will for them.

Matthew also serves and speaks in other ministries outside of Pentecost Church. He is currently completing his doctorate studies, exploring the leadership thoughts and practices of ministers in Australia.

Matthew is happily married and enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.

Ps. Andrew Austin

Ps. Andrew Austin

Youth and Young Adults Pastor

Ps. Andrew has been leading the youth ministry at Pentecost Church since 2014. Andrew has a passion to see youth experience a fullness of life through the knowledge of Jesus Christ. He believes God has a great plan and purpose for all the youth and furthermore, that God loves each one.

Ps. Seka Keillor

Ps. Seka Keillor


Ps. Seka was the Senior Pastor of Doncaster City Church from 2005 to 2021, when Ps. Matthew became the new Senior Minister. Ps. Seka has served in many ministries and roles of the church. Ps. Seka continues to actively serve in the church, preaching and ministering. 


Pentecost Church was renamed in 2021 in recognition of our God given vision and historical values. Pentecost Church has a long, rich heritage starting in 1986. We value the history of the church and those who have gone before us. ‘Church’ is the assembly of God’s people and many founding members are still in the church today. 

1986 – Liberty Church was started under the charismatic leadership of Ps. Des Penny. The church was birthed with Pentecostal values and experienced rapid growth within the first few years under Ps. Des and also Ps. Rob Morris’ leadership. There was a huge emphasis on faith and the work of the Holy Spirit. Many in our church still hold fond memories of these formative years of the church and of their lives. A time when they saw many friends and family come to faith. 

1992 – The church was renamed to Doncaster City church under the leadership of Ps. Rick Brouwer. During this time there was a great deal of local community engagement and overseas missions. There was a Pentecostal passion to reach the lost and the needy.

2005 – Ps. Seka Keillor became the new senior minister and under her leadership a passion for Pentecostal meetings grew. Several worship, prayer and healing meetings were held. During these years countless people came to faith, were baptized and were filled with the Holy Spirit. 

2021 – Under Ps. Matthew Law’s leadership the church voted in the name Pentecost church in recognition of the church’s historical values and the God given vision for the church’s future. The church continues to uphold Pentecostal values, as well as prioritizing evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship. A church that is life changing through the Holy Spirit.