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We are a life changing church through the Holy Spirit for you, for families, for the local community and for this nation.

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One life changing church, three locations.

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Life Changing Step

We love God, growing together, making a difference, and we would love to connect with you.


Life Changing Groups

We host life changing groups in multiple locations, where people from all different backgrounds are growing together and you can too.

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Life Changing Teams

We facilitate teams that are making a difference in the local community and abroad which you can be a part of.


Life Changing Care

We can help. Our dedicated and experienced team are ready to help and support you in these unprecedented times. We facilitate PeopleCare, covering topics such as recovering from personal tragedy, post-traumatic growth, enhancing mental health and wellbeing, developing healthy habits, pre-marriage, marriage and parenting courses. This is just to name a few ways we can assist you today. We would love to meet you and get the conversation started on what support you are looking for today.


Life Changing Organizations

We facilitate Life Changing NFPs, both in Melbourne and Doncaster. We are looking to work with other like minded NFPs to collaborate and make a difference in the community. Currently we are partnering with City of Hope, Enjoy Church, Alphacrucis College, Orange Sky, and CareNet to ensure we reach the needs of all people in Melbourne and Doncaster.

If you are an NFP looking for offices, function space or to collaborate, we would love to connect with you.

Meet our Senior Pastor

Matthew & Sarah Law

Matthew and Sarah lead Pentecost Church with a God given vision, to be a “life changing church through the Holy Spirit”. A church that is life changing for individuals, families, the local community, and this nation. A church that takes every opportunity to share Christ, that is actively helping people to grow and is a loving community for all people. As of 2023, God has set the church and the church leadership team on a course to start 10 new life changing churches within the next 10 years.

Sarah is also a secondary school teacher, Matthew leads other ministry initiatives, as well as completing his doctorate studies, and they both love spending time with their two beautiful children.

Matthew and Sarah love meeting new people and would love to connect with you over a coffee and hear your story.

Your Giving is Changing Lives


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